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Toronto Raptors NBPA members donate to TSSU strike fund

Oct. 6, 2023 — As members of the National Basketball Players Association, Toronto Raptors players have donated $10,000 to the Teaching Support Staff Union’s strike fund, in support of their ongoing work stoppage at Simon Fraser University (SFU).

“The members of the NBPA stand in solidarity with members of Simon Fraser University’s Teaching Support Staff Union,” Raptors player and NBPA vice president Garrett Temple said. 

“The NBPA and its members on the Toronto Raptors are donating to the union’s strike fund, to support them as they continue their fight for a fair contract. We are hopeful they are soon able to return to the jobs they love, with a deal that respects their important contribution to student and university life.”

TSSU’s 1,600 members with current teaching positions are on strike to demand a fair contract that includes a cost-of-living pay adjustment, an end to wage theft, and a secure future for long-term instructors.

“This generous donation from the NBPA members is a great reminder that we, as workers, are all on the same team,” TSSU trustee Dalton Kamish said. “SFU faculty have brought food to our pickets, unions from across the country have donated to our strike fund, and community members have come out to walk the line with us.”

“Our only opponents are the deep-pocketed SFU executives who think we should starve while they give themselves bigger and bigger raises each year. We’re tired of dunking on SFU’s weak defence of indefensible contract offers. The ball’s in their court.”

The donation comes as the team is set to hold an open practice at SFU’s Burnaby campus Friday evening. The event will not be behind a picket line, as the TSSU will be picketing the university’s downtown campuses, including Harbour Centre (555 W Hastings St.). Members of the Raptors hope to join TSSU’s picket line there before heading up the mountain for their scrimmage.

Members of the public can donate to the TSSU strike fund via e-transfer to

TSSU Spokesperson:

Dalton Kamish (they/them)


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