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2022 Bargaining Updates

  • #5 Delays, Obfuscation, and Denials are how SFU bargains
    Thank you to all the members that attended bargaining this week. On February 1 we packed the room, filling every seat and showing our collective power. On both days, the employer offered virtually no proposals or counter-proposals, instead using the time to correct typos and make insignificant changes—wasting everyone’s time and money. In opening remarks,…
  • Update #4: SFU cancels bargaining due to weather — again
    January 24th’s planned bargaining session was canceled by the Employer as their outsourced spokesperson’s flight from Victoria to Vancouver was delayed due to weather. This is not the first time that bargaining has been delayed or canceled due the Employer’s travel woes.  To try and make up for the lost time, TSSU suggested that bargaining…

RA Bargaining Updates

What is Bargaining?

Collective bargaining is one of the ways that we improve our working conditions. A Collective Agreement (CA) is a single contract that limits the rights of management and guarantees pay and other compensation for workers in the union. Bargaining is an expression of collective power that gives employees the ability improve their workplace in ways that individually would be limited.

Detailed information on Proposals

The TSSU does not publish current proposals on its public website, but you can see a detailed list of our bargaining priorities. Proposals are negotiable positions that are intended to address our members’ concerns about our work, and may shift substantially during negotiations. Current detailed proposals are available for members and other interested parties, please contact tssu@tssu.ca for more information.