Strike Updates

Strike and Bargaining update for Oct 3-6

Good afternoon TSSU members,

The following message contains essential information regarding the state of bargaining between TSSU and SFU, as well as our ongoing strike actions. It is critical that you read it closely and completely.


State of bargaining:

  • TSSU and SFU will have a bargaining session no later than Wednesday this week. While much progress has been made on articles related to Graduate Facilitators and our Extended Health and Dental benefits, and some minor changes elsewhere have been agreed to, the Employer still has not withdrawn some major concessions they are proposing, and we remain far apart on our fundamental issues like wage increases that keep up with inflation, updating the compensation model for teachers, and a pension plan for instructors.

Strike actions:

  • Full and complete work stoppage continues until a tentative agreement is reached.
  • Picket lines will continue this week at;
  • Burnaby campus on Tuesday October 3 and Thursday October 5;
  • Surrey campus on Wednesday October 4;
  • Vancouver campus on Friday October 6.
  • Pickets on Wednesday and Friday have been relocated to Surrey and Vancouver, respectively, to uplift Phyllis Webstad, her family and achievements, and our Indigenous community members, who will be honoured with events at Burnaby campus on Wednesday and Friday. The TSSU Strike Committee acknowledges the harm that has been caused by the inadvertent timing of strike escalation with Truth and Reconciliation week and the events scheduled on October 4 and 6 to honour Phyllis Webstad. Strike Committee also acknowledges and apologizes that deliberate consultation with and inclusion of Indigenous members in the planning of strike action was not undertaken. The relocation of our picket lines comes with a commitment to intentionally center Truth and Reconciliation moving forward not just in this strike but in all that we do as a union and its members, especially as regards practicing our principles of non-hierarchy and direct democracy.
  • Where Canvas is used as part of one’s certified bargaining unit job, TSSU members shall post a message to their students on Canvas about the strike, as drafted by Strike Committee and TSSU members, no later than Friday October 6.
  • All TSSU certified bargaining unit members shall set up an auto-reply on their work (SFU) email account with a message about the strike. A template is available here, and instructions for setting up an auto-reply here.

Picket shifts will be sent soon. These shifts are assigned to every TSSU member with a current appointment in order to facilitate the check-in and check-out process, give everyone a clear opportunity to earn strike pay, and to ensure that our picket lines are strong when we most need them to be. Many members find it helpful to just be told where and when to show up. If you already know where and when you can picket, join us when you are best able to contribute. Indigenous members will be exempt from shifts on Wednesday and Friday and are encouraged to contact Strike Committee about receiving strike pay for these days.

Please take the time to read our full bargaining update here.

In solidarity,

TSSU Strike Committee and Contract Committee

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