2022/2023 Bargaining Updates Job Action

Bargaining stalled; 91% vote to strike

After almost 65 hours of bargaining in May, the Employer remained unwilling to budge on the fundamental problems our members need solved. On May 19th, TSSU presented a comprehensive settlement proposal, but at the end of the day the Employer left it on the table, preferring TSSU accept SFU’s proposal that offered less than was offered to other unionized workers on campus. Because no deal was reached, TSSU held a strike vote on May 23 & 24.

The votes were counted and members of TSSU’s Certified Bargaining Unit decided to strike with a 91 percent mandate. Our members have sent the message loud and clear once again that enough is enough and we are ready to take real action to get to the Collective Agreement we deserve. We are not officially on strike yet, but we are one step closer.

Preparation for strike action will now kick into high gear. The Essential Services Levels have been set and so the final step before strike action is the serving of strike notice which must occur at least 72 hours before strike action commences. As always, the TSSU membership will determine how strike notice is served and what job actions looks like. Members should watch their emails.

More information on how to support TSSU is will give live on in the coming days.