Vote Sept 22 – send a message to SFU Administration

All TSSU members are eligible to vote on the employer’s “final package.” Details on the vote are below.

What do I need to vote?

You will need some sort of ID, preferably your student or employee ID, in order to vote. You may vote on any campus, even if you do not normally work at that campus.

Who is eligible to vote?

Anyone who has worked as TA, TM, or Sessional Instructor in Spring 2015, Summer 2015 or Fall 2015 is eligible to vote. Any ELC/ITP instructor who is currently working, worked in one of the last 2 terms or on the seniority list is eligible to vote.

Where can I find the full details of what we’re voting on

The full details of the employer’s package are here.

What happens if we vote NO

Job action continues and when the employer finally feels ready to bargain, then we go back to the bargaining table. VP Academic Jon Driver has already described an offer that’s much better than the current package, but for some reason his committee instead chose to force this “final package” on us. Your collective expression of power by voting NO will tell SFU Admin that you demand better.

What happens if we vote YES

Job action is over and we are stuck in a 5 year contract with significant concessions that would hurt many union members and also significantly increase costs for TSSU.

What can I do to help?

Find 5 other people and tell them to come to polls as well! If you’re willing to mobilize people, just drop by AQ 5129 (TSSU Office) grab some flyers and go hand out flyers to members. We need every member to vote!

When can I vote

Vancouver Campus
Sept 22, 2015 from 11am-6pm
Harbour Centre Lobby

Surrey Campus
Sept 22, 2015 from 9am-5pm
3000 level at the top of the escalator

Burnaby Campus
Sept 22, 2015 from 9am-5pm
Blusson Hall Hallway – look for the signs