TSSU Win at the Labour Relations Board

On August 21, TSSU was pleased to receive the ruling from the Labour Relations Board (LRB) dismissing SFU Administration’s Unfair Labour Practice Complaint as moot. In their complaint, the Employer argued that the Union was failing to bargain in good faith. Specifically, the Administration complained that the Union had set preconditions on returning to bargaining, despite the fact that TSSU continued to attend bargaining sessions well after having allegedly set these preconditions. Given those ongoing discussions, TSSU was surprised to receive notice of the Employer’s complaint, and suspected it was actually a strategy to further delay bargaining. The LRB agreed with the TSSU’s perspective, and on August 21st resoundingly rejected the Employer’s assertion. LRB Vice-Chair Jitesh Mistry dismissed the complaint, and affirmed that not only was the Administration’s complaint “moot,” but also that pursuing the case would be a “distraction from bargaining.” SFU Administration’s decision to file this complaint at the LRB shows their ongoing commitment to stall bargaining and increasing anxiety about the TSSU’s escalating job actions.

TSSU and SFU are in mediation Sept 2 – 4th at the LRB and your Contract Committee will keep you updated as the days unfold.

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