TSSU Pickets on First Day of Classes; Celebration of Solidarity Tomorrow

This morning, TSSU members welcomed students to the first day of classes and marked the beginning of SFU’s 50th year with picket lines around the Applied Sciences Building.

We saw great solidarity from members who stood on the line, from CUPE staff who stood shoulder to shoulder with us, from students who refused to enter the ASB, and from Faculty Members who cancelled classes.

The picket and our other planned actions for this week compelled the Employer to come back to the table. Your previous commitment to grade withholding and solidarity throughout the strike also resulted in a change to the SFU Administration contract negotiators. Today was the first day that VP Academic Jon Driver met with TSSU, bringing not only actual decision making power, but also a change in tone. Under this new leadership, SFU Administration finally offered a substantive response to several of our core issues, and we received verbal support for our fix to the childcare fund, which aims to get money into the hands of parents.

Both sides agreed to spend Wednesday caucusing and exchanging proposals via email, with face to face discussions recommencing at 9:00 am on Thursday. We need to continue showing strong solidarity so SFU Administration follows up Tuesday’s talk with concrete proposals on Thursday. All available members are asked to meet tomorrow, Wednesday September 9, for a Celebration of Solidarity at the following times and places:

  • Celebration Kickoff: Please meet us in the TSSU office (AQ 5129) by 11am and wear your red shirt (we’ll have some on hand if you don’t have one yet).
  • Materials and Prep: Stop by the office between 12:30 and 4:00 pm to help us prepare materials and signage.
  • Red Shirt Solidarity: Meet us in front of Strand Hall at 4:30 pm for a group activity to show solidarity – red shirts will be provided!
  • Strand Hall: Meet us in front of Strand Hall at 5:30pm for the rest of the evening’s activities. If you can, bring bike lights, head lamps, or any fun light-up materials you might have for when it gets dark.

Sept 8 ASB

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