Strike committee orders cease to all job action.

On Tuesday afternoon, June 30, SFU Administration threatened TSSU with going to the Labour Board to declare our strike unlawful. We see this threat by SFU Administration as a sign of desperation due to the impact of your efforts of withholding grades. However, they may have a case due to a technicality and as a result we will hold a new strike vote on July 15 and 16th.

SFU Administration argues we did not properly deliver strike notice in April due to a technicality around what’s known as the Essential Services Order. It’s SFU Administration’s responsibility to get this Order well in advance of a strike vote, to designate the number of workers who must continue to work to protect vulnerable people in the event of a picket line. For example, the boiler operators at SFU are essential because the boiler would blow up if left unattended. None of TSSU’s members are designated as essential. TSSU requested SFU Administration get this letter in March, and a full timeline of events is included below.

Our strike action was consistently acknowledged by SFU on their website, starting with our overtime ban in April and more recently our grade withholding. We believe that SFU Administration has cynically manipulated a law designed to protect vulnerable people in order to impede our ability to strike.

They waited just long enough (3 months) to allow our strike vote to expire before raising this issue.
This means another vote must be held to allow us to safely recommence strike action. It is important we get another strong positive vote because your pressure was working and we need that pressure to get to a fair Collective Agreement.

As a consequence, your Strike Committee has decided the following:

  1. All strike action shall cease immediately
  2. All members shall return to inputting grades as normal
  3. All members shall hand in all grades and assignments they have withheld as a result of the previous strike action.
  4. A new strike vote will be held on July 15th and 16th on all 3 campuses. Details on the process of this vote will follow.

We thank you for your understanding. Please contact, the office at 778-782-4735 or the helpline at 604-652-6202.

Please note TSSU has received confirmation from SFU’s administration that there will be no consequences for members who performed the job action.

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