Picket Pay FAQ

What is picket pay?

Picket pay (sometimes also called strike pay) is provided by unions to their members when there are picket lines or lock outs. Picket pay is not a substitute for wages, but rather it is meant to offset the cost of living during a strike. Picket pay is provided to union members who stand on picket lines or do other forms of work as designated by their union to help resolve a labour dispute. Picket pay is a part of the Strike Policy that has been ratified by the General Membership and can be found here.

Who is eligible for picket pay?

To be eligible for picket pay from the TSSU, you must be a member in good standing who not only follows Union guidelines during a strike (such as not performing struck work) but who also actively assists in strike duties. These duties may include standing on picket lines or other work as assigned by the Strike Committee and verified by picket captains. The Strike Committee will accommodate the accessibility needs of all members who want to participate in strike duties; to discuss this with us, please contact strikecommittee(at)tssu.ca . Any member who crosses a picket line without permission or performs struck work forfeits their picket pay.

How much picket pay do I get, and when will I receive it?

TSSU members who work between 6 and 12 hours per week, will receive $75. Members working more than 12 hours a week are entitled to $150. Members who have one or more dependent minors are also eligible for an additional $35 per week (though when two members share dependents, only one member will receive this additional pay). The Union will provide picket pay on a weekly basis; members can pick up their cheques in the TSSU office at AQ 5129/5130.

How do I keep track of my hours for picket pay?

Picket captains on the lines will help you fill out your hours on a time card. When you arrive at the picket line, find a picket captain and sign in with them on your time card. Then, when you leave, a picket captain will help you sign out as well. It is imperative you get a picket captain to sign off on your hours otherwise there’s no way to know how long you worked. The TSSU will keep members’ time cards and process picket pay based on the total hours worked as shown on the cards.

Is picket pay taxable?

No, it is not taxable and no tax receipts are issued.