TSSU returns to the table and offers path to settlement. SFU Admin digs in.

After our members rejected SFU Administration’s “final” offer last week, TSSU’s Contract Committee returned to the table, offering SFU Administration a path towards settlement. TSSU provided an opportunity for SFU Administration to keep its earlier promises to withdraw concessions and bring an end to the strike through binding arbitration (final offer selection) as proposed by Vince Ready. SFU Admin has not responded positively; we remain on strike and have updated our instructions for job action. We encourage members to review these instructions and ask their stewards or colleagues if they have any questions.

When we returned to bargaining, TSSU narrowed our proposals to our core issues and monetary matters; this repeated a move we made during mediation which SFU Administration had ignored. In order to recommend our members approve the binding arbitration process as proposed by Vince Ready, we told SFU Administration we needed a single sign of good faith. Just as TSSU had already done by narrowing our proposals, we asked SFU Administration to keep the commitments they made during mediation:

  • withdraw SFU Admin’s list of concessionary proposals, and
  • sign off on their counter-proposal on the Childcare Fund and Union Facilities.

On Tuesday September 29, we a received response to our pathway to settlement; rather than agreeing to the process proposed by Vince Ready, SFU Administration has come up with a different process that usurps the power of binding arbitration to settle the dispute.

For more information, and to be involved in the discussions moving forward, members should attend:

MMC & Strike Committee Joint Meeting
Thursday, Oct 1, 2015 1:30pm-3:30pm in AQ 5118

Weekly Greater Committee Meeting
Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015 11:30am-1:30pm location TBA

2 thoughts on “TSSU returns to the table and offers path to settlement. SFU Admin digs in.

  1. This statement is in contradiction with that of the admin.

    Who is lying here? Us or them?

    I understand that everything is always the other party’s fault but it is starting to look like they are being clear and we are obfuscating.

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