Improved working environment

Note: the positions described below are TSSU’s opening positions in bargaining from June 2014. We did not have a substantive response on these positions until Jon Driver joined the bargaining process in September 2015. Since that time, these positions have been adjusted as part of the normal bargaining process of moving towards settlement. Due to the fluid nature of bargaining not all of these moves may be reflected below. For the most up to date information email

Safety and health

Many TSSU members do not receive the necessary safety training required by law to complete their jobs. TSSU wants to ensure that SFU lives up to its obligations under the law and ensures members receive appropriate safety training as part of their appointment.

Union Facilities

The Union has proposed a review process to find a solution to TSSU’s space problems (we have four people working in two cramped offices). One goal through this is to have one office for the use of all employee groups (other unions and worker organizations on campus) at every campus. The review process would conclude with a report to the next round of bargaining.

TSSU has also asked to ensure that all members at all campuses have access to mail and union bulletin boards.

Payment of Wages

Over the past few years, SFU has failed to pay TSSU members for the work they have performed. In a typical semester, 20% of TSSU members are not paid after the first pay period of a semester and 6% remain unpaid after the second pay period, in gross violation of the BC Employment Standards Act. TSSU is seeking to codify the requirement to pay employees on time into the collective agreement. In addition, when SFU doesn’t pay someone on time, TSSU wants to ensure that SFU pays our member immediately. Typically, SFU makes our members wait for the next paycheque to receive their missed pay.

Surveillance / Electronic Recording

SFU has been placing video cameras and recording equipment in more and more classrooms on campus. TSSU is seeking to ensure that such recordings are only used in the case of criminal acts and are not used for other such activities such as monitoring the teaching of TSSU members.

Technological Change

SFU is constantly changing the working conditions of our members by introducing new technology. One example of this is the bungled Canvas roll-out, where minimal training and guidance was available. TSSU is seeking to tighten the language to ensure that SFU properly consults with TSSU before implementing a technological change to prevent a repeat of the Canvas experience.

Withdrawal of Services

During TSSU’s last strike, some departments and professors pressured members to cross their own picket lines in clear violation of BC Labour Law. TSSU is seeking to clarify the language to prevent such incidents in the future.

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