Are we alone?

While we have been bargaining, the rest of the public sector has also been busy. Below is a summary of the experiences of different unions in BC currently at the bargaining table.


(BC Teachers Federation)

After a prolonged lockout and strike, Teachers in the public schools of BC reached a mediated settlement with the provincial government. The BC Supreme Court found the BC government guilty of bargaining in bad faith, fined the government millions of dollars, and ordered the provisions of the teacher’s contract restored that the government had illegally stripped. The government has appealed this ruling and a ruling on that appeal is expected in Spring 2015.


(Canadian Union of Public Employees)

Represents: Universities, Colleges, School Boards, Municipal workers, Social Services, and Community Health.


Most of the University locals belong to CUPE. The locals that represent TAs and Sessionals at UBC have settled, while TAs and Sessionals at UVic are at the bargaining table or will be shortly.


(BC Government Employees Union)

Represents: Direct Government Employees, Community Health, Social Services, and Universities and Colleges.

Direct Government 

The BCGEU reached a tentative agreement the government in the spring of 2014. This agreement included a wage increase of 5.5% over 5 years, which is less than projected inflation, and some other hidden remuneration increases.

Community Health 

Social Services 


(Hospital Employees Union – Health Division of CUPE)

Represents: Health Care workers – Hospitals, Long Term Care, Community, Social Services, First Nations Health, home care, Paramedicals etc.


(BC Nurses Union)

Nurses Sector 

BCNU represents, almost exclusively, Registered Nurses.


(Health Sciences Association)

Represents: Health Care professionals, Social Service professionals, etc.

Paramedical Sector

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