May 14, 2015: Divergent visions of teaching for ELC/ITP

Today, TSSU and the SFU Administration bargained on issues concerning the Continuing Language (ELC/ITP) Instructors at Harbour Centre. Our conversation made it clear that TSSU and SFU Administration have two very different visions of the ELC/ITP program. TSSU’s view is based on a professional teacher model on par with English language programs offered at other post-secondary institutions, which delivers a quality program poised to grow and thrive. Although SFU Administration insisted there were no problems with the current program, they continued to push for significant concessions that would cut seniority, over-time, sick-time, and other rights and benefits, all despite the fact that the ELC/ITP program generated a surplus of over $200,000 last fiscal year.

TSSU’s Contract Committee made it clear they cannot accept SFU Administration’s position, because ELC/ITP workers already have sub-standard benefits and working conditions. We cannot and will not support an unnecessary erosion of the few rights our members have now.

We will return to bargaining tomorrow, Friday, May 15th, which is the inaugural TSSU Day. To hear an in-person update from the Contract Committee (and enjoy some free food and cheap beverages), we encourage members to join us at the Highland Pub at 6:00pm.

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