May 13th Bargaining Update: Progress on TA/TM Language

Today was the first of three consecutive days of bargaining secured as a result of our members’ resounding support for job action. The TSSU and the Employer discussed TA and TM language. The TSSU’s proposed merger of TA/TM language is designed to address the following structural problems our members have raised:

  • Increased class size without commensurate increase in pay and support,
  • The addition of online students to physical tutorials and labs,
  • Undermining our current payscale by expanding equivalencies, “discounting” base units, and other manipulations.

Following our initial job action, the Employer responded with their first counter proposals to our TA/TM language. However, their counter proposals did not address these three structural problems our members have identified. We are dedicated to finding solutions to these issues in this round of bargaining. While we’ve seen initial movement from SFU Administration, it’s clear we need ongoing pressure to reach the Collective Agreement that we need. Bargaining will continue on Thursday morning starting with a discussion on ELC/ITP issues.

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