Marking For Education, not Administration

On July 15 and 16, 2015 TSSU members voted overwhelmingly to authorize strike and picket action. The Strike Committee took this mandate and commenced our job action: “Marking for Education not Administration.” All assignments, exams or other materials submitted to TSSU members to be marked are subject this job action. The goal of this action is to build pressure to get us to a Collective Agreement that addresses our core issues.

Full instructions and a message to communicate to students are available below. Here’s a summary of what you may and must not do.

During this job action you may:

  • Continue to provide verbal and written feedback, as long as this feedback does not communicate the mark received via any quantifiable means, including a letter grade, score, percentage, etc.
  • Inform students if they have failed an assignment or exam

During this job action you must not:

  • Record marks for any assignments or exams subject to this job action* via physical or electronic means available to the employer
  • Communicate marks or grades for any assignments or exams subject to this job action* to students or the Course Supervisor
  • Participate in group marking outside SFU’s regular business hours of 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday, unless the Course Supervisor has obtained prior approval from the TSSU Strike Committee.
  • Record marks on any exams being group marked, instead record them on a coversheet as per the Group Marking Instructions.

Our goal is to get a fair and reasonable collective agreement, and we will need the support of the campus community to achieve that. Please encourage your students to visit to find out ways they can get involved. One simple and easy thing they can do is email SFU VP Academic Jon Driver at to demand SFU accept binding arbitration as proposed by Vince Ready.

Your students can find information about the grade appeals process here.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact TSSU via:
TSSU office: 778.782.4735
helpline: 604.652.6202

Documents and Instructions


GSS Open Letter to President Petter

2 thoughts on “Marking For Education, not Administration

  1. If I have received the assignments yesterday, Monday July 20th can I grade them this week and post them after the 22nd? Or do I need to post them before 11:59 pm tonight?
    They were all received yesterday on the 20th.
    thank you

    • Hi, Patricia. Any assignment that was due before the deadline (July 21st, 11:59pm) gets a mark and get handed back to the student. You do not need to give them back (or post them, in your case) before the deadline.

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