June 3 Bargaining Update: 1 Year Bargaining Anniversary!

The TSSU and the SFU Administration met at the bargaining table today, one year after the TSSU tabled our first positions. After signing three minor changes to the Collective Agreement, we discussed three of the key issues that our members identified in our last survey: bringing our Health and Safety language in line with BC New and Young Worker Regulations; ensuring that our members are paid in accordance with BC law; and improving access to TA and TM work for graduate students.

The Employer argued that graduates’ access to work was “not an issue” for our members. They stated that they were not willing to move from their current position on Health and Safety, and did not respond to our proposal on timely payment of wages.

Speaking for the Contract Committee, Karen Dean stated: “We are anxious to get to a collective agreement now, not months from now, and we’re keen to get that without having to resort to serious industrial action. If the University wants to get an agreement, they know how to get it, and it will have to involve addressing these key issues.”

The Contract Committee made it clear that our members are frustrated by the slow pace of bargaining, and that progress on the key issues that our members have identified will be necessary to secure a Collective Agreement. The Employer ended bargaining abruptly at 2:30 p.m.

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