FOS decision posted – We have achieved sessional seniority

After many months of waiting, at 4:30 pm today we received a decision from Vince Ready. Like any Final Offer Selection process we have won some arguments and lost others. As workers, I believe we can stand tall knowing our efforts have brought an end to an inequity that has plagued SFU since 1965.

We have won one of the strongest and most comprehensive sessional seniority provisions in North America. Our collective action will allow hundreds of sessional instructors to have the confidence they can stand up and speak for themselves without fear of being fired. We have already emailed the employer to arrange for the implementation of seniority rights. TSSU has been fighting for sessional seniority since our inception in 1978, and now we have achieved it.

Collectively, thousands of members engaged in job action that lasted months. Students, faculty members and alumni fought alongside us. We stood together. We faced coercion. We received threats. We refused to break.

On wage and benefit issues, we were unable to make any improvements. This lack of improvement lies at the feet of our provincial government, who have imposed a draconian “PSEC mandate.” The mandate results in a slow release of 5.5% in wage increases over 5 years with expiry in April 2019. As we look ahead to the next round of bargaining, the mandate has limited our wage increases from 2001-2019 to less than half the rate of inflation. This is a bubble that must and will pop and we are determined to find ways to work to change this.

The contract committee will be meeting to write up a full report over the coming weeks. In the interim, questions can be directed to

The entire decision can be viewed here:
33161 SFU and TSSU (Final Offer Selection) AWARD

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